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Vuo 1.0 is coming soon

We're most excited to announce that Vuo 1.0 is on the way! We expect to release 1.0 on December 10th and here are a few things that will come with it:

Art-Net support

Vuo 1.0's new Art-Net nodes

Vuo 1.0 will include our third premium node set: Art-Net input/output. Vuo's Art-Net support enables your compositions to control stage lighting systems, to respond to signals from lighting consoles. (It's like Kineme Art-Net Tools, but better: Vuo will automatically find devices on the local network, and either broadcast to the entire local network, or communicate directly with a single device, for better performance.)

RSS support

Vuo 1.0's new RSS nodes

Vuo 1.0 will also come with nodes for retrieving live text and images from RSS feeds. When you load an RSS feed in Vuo, it automatically fetches high-resolution images in the feed, making it easy to create an interactive slideshow.

Retina support

Until now, parts of the Vuo Editor were a little jagged on Retina displays. In Vuo 1.0, we've smoothed it out, so it looks great on both Retina and non-Retina displays.

Faster live-coding

We've been working hard on making Vuo compile faster — so you'll be able to more immediately see the changes you make to your compositions.

Free trial version

Vuo 1.0 will come with a free trial version so anyone can easily take Vuo for a spin.

Coming from Quartz Composer?

We made a list of some things that Vuo makes easier for you.

And if you've ever purchased $45 of Kineme plugins or apps, we will give you $25 off any Vuo purchase — good through December 31st, 2014. With our new Vuo Scout subscriptions, this means you can buy Vuo for as little as $20!

Easier-to-use credits

We've adjusted the value of our credit system so it's easier to support what you want. Previously, if you had 2 credits, and wanted to support 3 feature requests, you would have had to make a hard choice. So we've split the value of credits: 1 credit has become 35 credits. Now it's easier to divide up your credits and use them as you like.

And, going forward, if you tell a friend about Vuo and they purchase a subscription (and list you as their referrer), both you and your friend will receive 35 free credits!

Last release for Mac OS 10.6 and 10.7

In order to take advantage of the capabilities in recent OS versions, Vuo 1.0 will be the last version that runs on Mac OS 10.6 and 10.7.

Get Vuo before January 1st at beta pricing

When we release 1.0, Vuo will no longer be in beta, so we'll be increasing the price. A Vuo Scout subscription (Vuo + 3 months of free updates) will increase from $45 to $49, and a Vuo Enthusiast subscription (Vuo + 1 year of free updates) will increase from $80 to $128 and will include 70 credits. You can buy or renew Vuo anytime between now and December 31st to get beta pricing.

More questions?

Try our FAQs or contact us.

Our plans for 2015 are steadily evolving. Check out our roadmap for the latest developments.

Thanks again for helping make Vuo happen — We look forward to seeing what you create!

Team Vuo