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We’re putting the final touches on our 0.8 release and gearing up for 0.9! We're most excited to put this new functionality in the hands of our users. Below are some examples of what's in the works.

Some scenes produced with the the new 3D mesh filters and shaders in Vuo 0.8:

Also for 0.8, we just completed a barcode reader from a user-submitted feature request. Using an iPhone camera connected via Syphon, Vuo can decode a barcode and produce its text:

And we’re now offering Bulk Discounts — Groups can get 10-20% off Vuo when purchased in bulk!

Coming in 0.9, Vuo will support Quicktime video capture from iSight and many USB and FireWire cameras! You'll be able to feed live video directly into Vuo!

In other news: the results of the graphics poll are in! Vuo users want it all! With over 60 choices, only four options received no votes, with all the rest having at least a few supporters. Ninety-five people voted, picking up to ten of their most-desired graphics features. The choices fell into rough ranges and we divided them into five categories below.

Most popular:

  • GLSL shaders (live edit text code)

Very popular:

  • Export movie files (high-quality offline rendering, with sound
  • 3D Object Primitives: Cylinder, Tube, Pipe, Cone, Torus, Pyramid, Tetrahedron, Hemisphere, Dish, Capsule
  • Particle Emitters


  • Shadows of 3D objects
  • Physics Simulation: Gravitation, Magnetism, Drag, Wind, Vortex
  • Projection Mapping: Basic 4-corner warping
  • Export movie files (realtime recording / online rendering, with sound)
  • Computer Vision: Track objects in an image
  • Projection Mapping: Bezier grid warping
  • Drag-and-drop objects to position them in a scene (instead of numerical coordinates)
  • Motion Blur

Solid Interest:

  • Export image files
  • 3D Mesh Filter: Noise, Gravity Warp, Ripple, Twister, Bend Box, Quantize
  • Volumetric Lighting
  • Antialiasing post-processing filter (FXAA)
  • Physics Simulation: Collisions (rigid-body)
  • Focal Blur / depth-of-field / bokeh
  • Physics Simulation: Fluid Dynamics

We’re looking to implement the ability to export movie files (high-quality offline rendering, with sound) and 3D Object Primitives for a late 2014 release (Vuo 1.5). GLSL shaders will be implemented thereafter and are currently scheduled for an early 2015 release (Vuo 2.0 - with subcompositions). GLSL shaders got the most votes, and they will require extensive planning, so we'll keep you updated with our progress. We will look to schedule the rest as the timeline beyond 2.0 becomes more clear.

Thanks again for all your support. We're excited about bringing you new functionality and look forward to seeing what you create!

— Travis
Team Vuo


These all seem very specific

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These all seem very specific to me, so maybe that's why they didn't receive any votes:

Shader: Rough Surface (Oren/Nayar), Shader: Metal Surface (Cook/Torrance/Sparrow/Ward), Medical Volumetric Image (DICOM) loading and rendering, High Dynamic Range (HDR) image tone mapping.