I'm using the latest Vuo Editor 1.2 build, and making use of the feature where a Vuo comp can be used as a node within another Vuo comp etc. I'm wondering if there is a way to change the order of published ports once they have already been published ? So for example in my current situation I have a comp with 19 published input ports so far and I realized I would like to publish another one but I want it to be the 2nd one from the top in the list (since I am grouping related attributes adjacent to each other etc.) - Does this feature exist yet ?


I also just found that if I

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I also just found that if I "Edit Details" on an input port and specify a Min / Max / Step it doesn't seem to change the interaction with the port from outside the subcomp (in the master comp)... Does Vuo not pay attention to those ? I have yet to use a Vuo comp in another app so I don't know how it works in that case yet... Another feature request maybe ? Before I noticed the "Edit Details" I had been using a math node to get a finer grain (step) but then I deleted those when I saw you could specify it there in the port : ) Time to put them back I guess...

@kingluma, the composition's

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kingluma, the composition's published input port default value and details (min/max/step) work in 3rd-party hosts like CoGe and VDMX.

However, in 1.2.0-alpha4, they don't work when a subcomposition is added to another composition, which is a bug. We're planning to fix that before the final 1.2.0 release.