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I have tried the RSS example together with "" instead of the RSS feed in the example without luck. Have any of you guys made a working composition?

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The feed items lack titles and images.

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Hi there. I wonder if there is a way to present an Instagram # och twitter # with VUO.

Would be super nice if you could specify a date and hashtag to make shows and events more interactive...

Any Idea of how to achieve this?

All the best. /Eurotrash


@Eurotrash Hi ;)

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Eurotrash Hi ;)

Right now there isn't yet in Vuo itself a direct way to get Twitter or Instagram hashtag based search thing. You'll have to use a third-party service to turn a search into an RSS feed as Vuo support RSS. Just like you did I guess.

However, I don't know what Vuo version you have but I tried to use your feed into the Vuo 1.2 RSS sample composition and had no results neither. Then I tried to launch the composition with the default Vuo feed and had no results neither. No items show up, list remains empty. So let's wait for some Vuo teamer to read this and run some tests to know if there could be a bug, either with the feeds, or with RSS nodes in Vuo 1.2. If confirmed you could fill a Bug Report (which will give you some extra credits to vote on features).

What results do you get when launching the built-in sample RSS composition with the default feed ? Does items show up ?


For the feature, there is a feature request for direct built-in Twitter nodes based on Twitter's API. You could then in Vuo itself declare some criterias without some HashtagToRSS service. You can vote for that here : Twitter Node

There is no Instagram specific feature request yet, maybe you could make one yourself ! Just hit the "Create Feature request" in the dedicated section.

Also, if you want some more general web-http nodes that could retrieve some stuff from different websites, I encourage you to vote for this Load Data XML, HTTP ... request.

@Bodysoulspirit — The built

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Waiting for review by Vuo Support Team

Bodysoulspirit — The built-in "Display RSS Items" example composition is working for me. (However it says "Loading…" for a few seconds before displaying any compositions, due to my slow internet connection at home.)

Eurotrash — It looks like that feed outputs yet another unique variant on the RSS format, which our Fetch RSS Items node isn't yet equipped to handle. I've converted this discussion to a bug report; we'll try to get that working.

Thanks for the quick feedback

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Thanks for the quick feedback Bodysoulspirit! Im on Vuo 1.2 and as you describe it does not work with the RSS node. When it comes to the Video Looper idea i have spent a lot of votes to get the Black magic capture node. Witch will make the whole idea much more interesting! So I'm exited to see whats coming up in 1.3 or so : )

And nice that you Steve are cleaning out the bugs! All the best to yahh