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Hello Vuo,

I am the director of the Ci2 Special Research Studio at the University of Southern Maine (that and 50 cents won't get you a cup of coffee). I am veery interested in my undergrad research students working with view. We are already developers for Leap motion, Oculus Rift and Space, glasses to name a few. We would like to be developers for Vuo and see what we can do with it especially for learning challenged students and handicapped individuals.

So, do you offer, free licensing to education (non-profit public institutions with lint in our pockets) or discounts or educational pricing and do you accept PO's?

Please let me know as we are excited to work with your product.

Raphael Diluzio Director Ci2 Special Research Studio Where Contrast if King University of Southern Maine Ci2 SRS 70 Falmouth Street Portland Maine 04104 • +1m207-299-0730


Besides offering bulk

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Besides offering bulk discounts, we've set our prices as low as we're able to go for the time being. In the future, if we're able to lower our prices or offer additional discounts, we'll publish an announcement. Many thanks!

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Hey there,

Excellent to hear of your interest! We do accept purchase orders and our option for discounted bulk orders should coincide with our 0.5.2 release (see the roadmap). We'd be excited for you to begin working with Vuo!

We don't currently offer a student/educational discount (but we're considering that for the future). We now offer a 20% academic discount — details here.