Currently we can create a draggable camera- the data stream is sent as an object to the chosen render node. However it would be great to be able to have access to that data- so as to be able to make a window that you can control another window or object by.


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be able to make a window that

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be able to make a window that you can control another window or object by

You can already do that by connecting the output of Make Draggable Camera to multiple scene windows. In the attached composition, you can drag the right window, and both windows update.

Does that fulfill this need?

This feature is specifically

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This feature is specifically to allow the user to extract the rotational data from the Make Draggable Camera and then to be able to use that data in other areas. For example we may want to extract that data and rotate an object independent of the scene. Or we may want to build a simple interface that allows a user to select different objects (3D Models) and rotate each one independently, (so sending the rotation data to different models through a Hold Data node.

Does this explain my thoughts?

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