It would be handy to be able to type math expressions into integer/real input editors. For example, if I have a Make Parametric Points node, it would be handy to be able to type -2*PI in the Min port, and 2*PI in the Max port.

The expression itself should be stored in the composition (rather than the result of the expression like Quartz Composer does), so you can later see what the expression is, and modify it.

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You can type expressions into QC's port editors


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If you're just after a way to

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If you're just after a way to type in a constant, couldn't you just type in the number? For example, for 2*PI, just input 6.2831853...

This feature request caught my eye, but I'm not sold on its necessity just yet. What's the value of being able to type in PI instead of an (more or less) equivalent numerical value?

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