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A custom node & composition that allows Scala Frequency Tables to be loaded and played with a midi Keyboard.

There are no limitations to the Scala Tuning node- so you can use a tuning table with 1 value, or 300 values.

Currently the node is limited to using Cents only, but I am intending to change that soon.



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Ok- was trying to look for it

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Ok- was trying to look for it, mainly used it as when I was developing the node the inputs would get muddled up- remember for next time.

I think there is still one small issue with node- the Scala format states that a scale with 0 tunings will still output an octave scale (for each note). Currently the way I am calculating the tunings I am not sure if that is going to happen. Maybe I will just cheat and put in a if(listsize==0) thing.

Also updating this node to

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Also updating this node to allow changing key note. Which means you will be able to set A440 frequency, and at the same time change the centre of the tuning.

Also working on a .scl (Scala) tuning file parser. Make it easy to load different tunings.

@Steve how do we make it so drag&dropping works with files? So that when I drop a .scl onto the canvas the correct node is initiated.

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