Great! We welcome code contributions from the community.

Although we publish Vuo's source code on GitHub, the GitHub workflow isn't ideal for us. Here's the process we encourage you to use:

First, please read the Vuo Contributor Agreement and be sure you understand it and agree to the terms.

If you're developing a new node, follow the process in Developing a Node Class. In particular, follow the conventions described in the "Naming node classes and ports" section. When you're ready to contribute your code, create a feature request, and attach the .c file to the feature request.

If you're modifying an existing node, download the latest Vuo source code. Find the node you'd like to change, make a backup copy, make your changes, create a patch (in, run the command diff -u vuo.node.backup.c vuo.node.c > ~/Desktop/vuo.node.patch), and attach it to a feature request or bug report.

Please state on the feature request or bug report that you understand and agree to the Vuo Contributor Agreement, and that you intend for this code to be integrated into Vuo.

We'll then review your code and, if possible, integrate it into Vuo. Since Team Vuo is responsible for ensuring that all of Vuo's nodes work properly and are consistent and well-documented, all of Vuo's built-in nodes go through an extensive planning, review, and testing process — and contributed nodes are no exception. This process may take some time, but we'll do our best to get back to you as soon as we're able.