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Color Cubes, Aligned, Orthographic :)

Random Colors on each launch.


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Created as a simple test or demonstration

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Mmm. Sometimes the first top

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Mmm. Sometimes the first top cube doesn't shade when composition first time launched (Vuo closed). Relaunching the composition seem to fix that.

Updated the initial composition with a "Spin Off Event" fired on start, thought it was fixed, get it back now.

Any advice ?

It's because of an extra

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It's because of an extra event sneaking into the Build List loop. You have to be careful with Build List to make sure that the events received into Built Item exactly match the events fired from Build Item (see the node's description for more info). In this composition, there's a cable from Make 3D Transform to Make Cube that can insert events from Render Scene to Window : Requested Frame into the loop. You can fix it by putting in a Hold Value (see attached composition). The Spin Off Event is unnecessary.

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