A node set to enable Ray Tracing rendering as opposed to OpenGL rendering. Such rendering is becoming increasingly possible due to the powerful GPU's and by using compute architectures.

All maths could occur with OpenCL, and possibly even take in current mesh port types etc in order to generate geometry.

Such a node would allow natural graphics - such as natural reflections, and real atmospheric effects. Also as this is a custom realtime rendering engine Team Vuo could implement exciting unique features that are tailored to the 'visual programming paradigm".


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●●●○ — A few months of work


●●○ — Could expand community


As I understand it OpenCL

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As I understand it OpenCL runs on GPU, and also allows more advanced data to be passed into it, such as Audio data or custom data sets.

Also as I understand it RayTracing does not really use any OpenGL functions etc, (apart from maths), and the final render output.

So if anything OpenCL gives us many more possibilities. But please let me know your thoughts, as you guys are very very skilled in this area.

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