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mxfx_SphereDisplace_04 takes incoming image and Extrudes a Sphere using the image's Luminance values.

Vuo FX plugin for use in VDMX and Coge. Includes Published ports to map control data from host App. Ports include:

Distance (Controls Distance of Extrusion)

posX (X Position of Sphere)

posY (Y Position of Sphere)

posZ (Z Position of Sphere)

rotX (X Rotation of Sphere)

rotY (Y Rotation of Sphere)

rotZ (Z Rotation of Sphere)

scaleX (X Scale of Sphere)

scaleY (Y Scale of Sphere)

scaleZ (Z Scale of Sphere)

Rows (Latitude Number of Vertices of Sphere - More Vertices = more CPU overhead)

Columns (Longitude Number of Vertices of Sphere - More Vertices = more CPU overhead)

mxfx Plugins do not require you to purchase a Vuo license. However, you are required to install the trial version in order for the plugin to run. To download the trial version of Vuo, go here:

To install for VDMX place the .vuo file in:


Please feel free to drop me messages if you run into problems installing the FX or have any other questions in regards to features of this Plugin.

ISF image by isak burstrom:



Great thanks, I got it to

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Great thanks, I got it to work finally with this advice- I was originally also trying to apply an image as a shader to the object, which I think without the proper lighting or other particulars, rendered the object sort of invisible / unlit / unshaded.

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