Add color map support for CMY and HSL, if possible extended support for a broader range of emitter bands (orange, yellow, cyan, indigo etc.).

Ideally it should also take into account proposals from PLASA that takes the color space of the given fixture into account as described by Mike Wood here: However, as it is a new proposal, and perhaps no standard format for communicating these values from the fixture manufacturer it might not be possible at this time - but still worth to think about. The major selling point being that it would facilitate comparable color output from different brands and types of fixtures and emitters.


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@Magneson, could you tell me

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Magneson, could you tell me the list(s) of colors that you'd like Convert Color List to DMX to support? And, if possible, the numerical hue values?

You mentioned orange, yellow, cyan, indigo. We found some fixtures with similar color combinations (ETC "Selador Lustr" with red, red-orange, amber, green, cyan, blue, indigo; ETC "Source Four LED Series 2" with red, lime, amber, green, cyan, blue, indigo) but weren't sure if it was these or others that you had in mind. So far we haven't been able to find any reference mapping the color names to hue angles for any fixtures.

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