If you click and drag as it is now, cables will be selected as well. This makes dragging around nodes you want to zoom in on difficult if you have long cables either attached to the nodes, or in the background. In addition, if you drag to select nodes for deletion, cables in the background gets deleted as well which can be rather frustrating at times.


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Yes, I think that would be an

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Yes, I think that would be an improvement. I've opened this feature request for community voting.

On the other hand, sometimes it is helpful to be able to drag-select cables, like if you want to delete a bunch of connections at once. Maybe we should change the default drag so it only selects nodes, and if you hold the Option key while dragging, it selects both nodes and cables?

@smokris - The point of

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Steve - The point of frustration I find is that I can't select only cables very easily. This would be useful for either deleting or hiding a collection of cables. Perhaps a drag to select both nodes and cables, option+drag for nodes only, and cmd+option+drag for cables only?

Alternatively (or perhaps in addition), enable node-specific and cable-specific contextual menu items for the instances where both cables and nodes are selected.

We're working on this feature

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We're working on this feature, as sort of a side effect of something else. We'll definitely have key combinations for the first two options: selecting nodes and cables and selecting nodes only. We're planning to make it easier to hide a group of cables by showing a Hide Cables context menu even if the selection also contains nodes.

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