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Hi guys ;)

When mobile browsing on both iOS (4" screen) and Windows Phone (4,5" screen) I'm experiencing some website glitches and bugs.

1# - The last noticed is some menu bug.

When Mobile browsing on both platforms, there is this "main menu" menu button that is highlighted. Other submenus are available from iOS but not on WP. Touch clicking the menus doesn't return any action (however, Windows Phone has a small % of mobile market sales so ...).

But on both platforms they don't visually show well (see screenshots).

2# - There is a difference in the rendering width of the menu and the container elements. Therefore the menu often is smaller.

3# - In topics, the text (and quoted replies) often meet and cross the "Log in or register to post comments" text.

4# - The User Profile pictures resize as rectangles instead of squares (when browsing profiles).

Most of the glitches are only visual, but I can Imagine #1 could affect the functional browsing experience too.

Don't know on larger mobile screens though, may be isolated to smaller screens.

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