If I have a patch connected to 3 other nodes using 10 cables, duplicating this patch without to have to reconnect all the cables could be handy !?!


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Branched from Cable connection shortcuts and features.

Perhaps ⌥ Drag/⌘ D could continue to work like it currently does, and ⌥⇧ Drag/⌘⇧ D could duplicate with incoming cables?


personally I would keep it

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personally I would keep it modal rather than adding adding a Menu Item on/off setting. But both would be ok I suppose.

I would default to copying the cables as well as the node rather than defaulting to no cables, so ⌥ Drag/⌘ D for with cables — and ⌥⇧ Drag/⌘⇧ D for without cables.

Refreshing this old "cable

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Refreshing this "cable behavior" branch, with a couple more (or are any of these already possible?)

Be nice to:

  1. yes to option-shift-drag to keep all input connections.
  2. instead of 1) click to select cable, 2) delete, then 3) connect to some other port, nice to be able to use one mouse down drag to grab connected cable(s) at port, disconnect and attach to a new port.
  3. drag a box around multiple cables and hit delete to disconnect (with undo/redo).


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Point 2, not sure I understand, if you want to reconnect an already connected cable, you can select that cable at the input port where the cable is connected, drag it and connect it somewhere else, without having to delete it first ?

Or you mean you wanna be able to do that on connected output ports rather than input ports ? If yes, that's a suggestion by Jaymie on "Replace all connected output cables at once"

Point 3, you can in Vuo 2 beta select cables + nodes by holding option+click drag (default click drag only select nodes). Or you mean you'd wanna select cables only ? If yes, create a separate feature I guess, too different from this one.

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