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The major points of this composition:

  1. Uses Fetch Imageand Enqueue to download two images at a time from a website and fade between them. (The website used for this comp is
  2. Samples a color from part of the composite image to create a shifting background color.
  3. Processes the images through the Rutt Etrasubcomposition, which uses Displace 3D Object with Image to recreate some of the features in vade's awesome QC plugin, v002 Rutt Etra.

Thanks, Team Vuo, for your top notch support:


Install the subcomposition jersmi.RuttEttra.vuo in your Vuo modules folder.


Download composition

Package icon textureLibRuttEtra.zip5.65 KB
Created as a simple test or demonstration

Tested with

Vuo version:
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