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  • OS X 10.11

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●●○○ — It's annoying but I can work around it.

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Really strange behavior here !

1 - Make a composition that calculates a font size based on the window size ("showed window" port to "get window dimension node" and "pixels wide" to a "calculate" node for the "Make Font Point Size" port.

2 - Go fullscreen using the OSX green button function, all goes fine, text size updates.

3 - Go fullscreen using cmd-f, sometimes the size updates, sometimes not (more often not) !

4 - Show a monitor port window on the "showed window" output port. Go fullscreen using cmd-f, the text size doesn't update, but the monitor shows a last event that just triggered (I guess it only triggers when you leave the fullscreen).

4 - Add a "measure time" node that resets each time showed window" fires and event and run the same tests again. Boom, text size updates on every cmd-f command.


Even more bizarre, if I screencast the window to upload a video using Quicktime, the cmd-f function fires all events. Stop screen casting, happens again.

Attached the composition and some screenshots. Hope you can recreate it.

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I couldn't reproduce the

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I couldn't reproduce the problem with steps 1-3, but I did see it when using QuickTime to take a screen recording. Apparently the extra load that the screen recording puts on the system was enough to expose a timing problem. The Pixels Wide output of Get Window Dimensions sometimes outputs the wrong number. I guess the window resizing may not be complete by the time the Showed Window trigger fires, and thus Get Window Dimensions is picking up the old size.

Perhaps it's more obvious

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Perhaps it's more obvious with this composition.

It loads fullscreen width the false screen height for me which is the default duo composition height, I get fullscreen out using cmd-f, stays at 1,5 (which is true as it is the default composition widow height) and as much as I repeat going fullscreen in and out using cmd-f, height stays at 1,5.

As soon as I use the OSX function, it changes to height value = 1,25.

Could this be a difference in the fact that cmd-f is a keyboard command and fullscreen a mouse action ? Mouse action would send a refresh where the keyboard would not ? Or as you mention, a schedule error.

Noticed also that when going fullscreen with cmd-f, you can only go out with command-f, when fullscreen with OSX, cmd-f gets us out. Guess that has to do with how Vuo manages its fullscreen method.