The Vuo website sends email notifications for posts that you're following.

  • When you post a new topic or comment in the Discussions, Feature Requests, Bug Reports, Composition Gallery, or Community Spotlight areas, you automatically receive email notifications of further comments on the post. If you want to stop receiving emails for the post, you can go to the post and click the "Stop following" link.
  • If you want to receive email notifications for a post you haven't participated in, you can go to the post and click the "Follow" link.
  • You can follow all posts of a specific type (Discussions, Feature Requests, Bug Reports, Compositions, Community Spotlights, Newsletters, Polls, Tutorials) by going to your user account page, clicking the "Following" tab and the "Content types you follow" link, and choosing the types of posts you want to follow.
  • You can follow all posts by a specific user by going to that user's page and clicking the "Follow" link.

The Vuo website offers several RSS feeds that you can subscribe to: