Currently the shadertoy node does not run the updated ShaderToy GLSL code. In ShaderToy webpage- there are differences such as using fragCoord instead of gl_FragCoord etc. ( see Jaymie 's response)

These differences are SUPER SMALL, yet without knowing how to fix even these super small issues a beginner would be lost. (I was lost when I first tried to get ShaderToy node to run code)

Instead of changing the ShaderToy node to comply with ShaderToy, (which potentially may change again) maybe ShaderToy can be repurposed into a generic GLSL image generator node, with similarities to the yet to be released GLSL node.

It is my understanding that the GLSL node in 1.3 will export a shader, whereas the re-purposed ShaderToy node (lets call it vuo.image.make.shader) would only export an image. I am always wanting to bring in 3D points into ShaderToy node. I am aware of the great solution that jersmi came up with: however, sometimes I just want to type a variable in and plug it in directly instead of cutting up text and formatting it.

My suggestion would be to bring the vuo.image.make.shader variables inline with GLSL node in 1.3, yet simply outputting an image.

Hopefully this would allow unlimited texture channels (currently shadertoy node is limited to 4) and custom variables such as in calculate maths node.

This feature would also allow a Fragment shader to be used easily either as texturing an objects surface, or as an image generator in its own right without re-coding variables, or unique ShaderToy GL input variables (between vuo.image.make.shader & vuo.shader.make).


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Spawned a bug report: Update

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Spawned a bug report: Update ShaderToy node to use new ShaderToy syntax

The ShaderToy variant of GLSL has a lot of its own features/idiosyncrasies, so it would be nice to continue supporting those in Vuo — rather than requiring someone copying/pasting code from the ShaderToy website to edit it to comply with some other variant of GLSL.

The rest of your suggestions are covered by our plan for Ability to edit GLSL shader code in Vuo Editor. I'll post more details on that feature request later.

OK. However as I understand

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OK. However as I understand it currently glsl shader editor outputs a shader port type rather than an image port type. I think it is very useful to have both. There are many situations where you would want to create an effect for an image in a shader without using ShaderToy "idiosyncrasies".

Can this feature request be for an image only fragment shader node?

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