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Tempted to say "saveless documents" (like alexmitchellmus suggests here), but that sounds like it could be a can of worms.


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Automatically save composition to a backups folder every 5 minutes or so, keeping 10 or so most recent backups per composition.


Would a save-less solution be

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Would a save-less solution be that crazy? All it would entail is auto save every n-minutes, and save when closing project.

When a new project is started it simply places the untitled project in a default folder. We would still have save-as.

But whatever is easier to implement.

Yeah, I was fuzzy on this --

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Yeah, Jaymie, I was fuzzy on this -- I'm not sure about Vuo conforming to Apple's saveless documents vs. the future of Vuo as a cross-platform app. QC has it, and I have gone back and forth with it, turning it off sometimes. When I think of Apple's saveless documents, I think of the pros/cons of the iOS model taking over.

by "saveless" do you mean removing the ability to manually save?

I would vote for a way to enable/disable the feature, and override it with Save/Save As.

Is that something you regularly use in other apps?

I absolutely love it in FCPX. I like the iCloud model, too (iWork, Notes, etc.). In other apps it can be awkward. For example, Logic Pro uses a slightly different method. TextEdit is awkward for me, as I'm used to using it "manually". Preview is awkward for this reason, too.

So if we did "saveless", we'd

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So if we did "saveless", we'd need the option to enable/disable it.

Apple holds a patent on saveless documents. So yeah, I'm not sure we could add the feature on Windows or Linux.

For implementing on Mac, looks like we'd have to significantly work around our cross-platform GUI framework (Qt) to access Apple's saveless document support (Cocoa).

With that in mind, feel free to create a separate feature request for saveless documents if you'd like.

I would definitely NOT want

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I would definitely NOT want this to be enabled by default. Maybe something you can turn on if you would like this feature? There are so many times in a project were a new idea comes as I'm building and I try or experiment with an already working composition. It would be very frustrating to have my known working composition overwritten by one of my experiments. I much prefer to manually control which ideas make it to a saved file.

Menu item for "auto-save"

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"Auto-save" as a menu item would be fine by me. Always nice to have some way to customize settings, i.e., how often / number of saves to keep / where to save backups, though I'd likely be happy with any "default" setup.

I'd also imagine that when the feature is on, an open comp would not get overwritten, cuz the point is to help (not hinder) productivity. Rather, there would be a designated backup folder with separate backup comp file(s) named "current filename_autosave_timestamp" or similar. Just a guess, I'll leave it to Team Vuo.

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