Not sure if I should submit this as a feature request, a bug or a discussion.

Nor if it is possible. Don't know what would be really better but I quite often update a comment with a typo in it f.e. and it pushes a new comment in the RSS feed (not sure if it resends the email to the post owner).

I understand some radically updated comments could be notificated but nor do I wan't to annoy people with fake new comments, nor do I like typos in my comments and try to write some clean english ...

Same for Post (beside comments) ?

What could we have ? What would be better?


When you edit a post or

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When you edit a post or comment, the website doesn't put out a new item on the RSS feed or send an email.

Previously, there was a strange behavior in the RSS feed that could make it look like a new item was added. When a comment was edited, it could end up in a different position in the list of RSS items. In looking into your question, we realized this was a problem. It should be fixed now.

Btw, there is a nice new preview button in the toolbar, the eyeball button. It previews without having to reload the page.