Using feedback with the combine layers/objects node causes the CompositionViewer to crash, probably because it tries to generate an infinite amount of layers/objects. A way to set a maximum number of layers or objects in the combine node (either manually or automatically) would resolve this.


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This is related to your other

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This is related to your other feature request, Transform Layer / Object, right? The composition you attached to that feature request (CrashTestDummie.vuo) seems to illustrate the same crash you're describing here.

That composition creates a 1-item list with a cube, then (every frame) it adds a copy of that list to the beginning of itself.

  • frame 1: [cube]
  • frame 2: [ [cube], cube ]
  • frame 3: [ [ [cube], cube ], [cube], cube ]
  • frame 4: [ [ [ [cube], cube ], [cube], cube ], [ [cube], cube ], [cube], cube ]

The brackets represent the hierarchical structure resulting from Combine 3D Objects, which wraps its input 3D objects in a parent 3D object.

The hierarchy keeps growing and growing, and pretty soon that leads to a crash (stack overflow).

Transform Layer / Object would make it possible to transform the cubes without wrapping them in parent 3D objects. Since there would be a flat list instead of a hierarchy, you could pretty easily limit it with Cut List.

If you're trying to make an object trail, you could do that now by using an Enqueue node and not feeding back into Combine 3D Objects. See attached composition.

Is there anything else about this feature request that I'm missing? If not, sounds like it's covered by the other feature request and existing nodes.

Yes, I did a little research

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Yes, I did a little research after posting this, and suspected this was the behavior of the combine node. I posted both out of having an option as to which procedure would be the simplest to implement. If the transform path is more convenient, it will also be a more intuitive approach, so this can be closed.

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