When I first heard about Vuo one of my major interests for it's success was as a application prototyping and authoring tool, particularly for mobile device apps. I've been researching Origami's QC plugin closely this week in preparation for a talk I'm giving and I came across Form by Relative Wave. It's a dead ripoff of QC with at least one Vuo UI innovation ripped off too (the fixed value input stubs for ports). It was selling for US$150 when launched then dropped to $80 and now Google has acquired it (Nov 2015) it's free. I guess i can stop hoping for Vuo to become an app authoring tool, now with Google's support and a free distribution, I suspect Form will lead the visual programming prototype to finished app race if such a thing is possible without getting too complicated to manage in a visual coding IDE.

They have made some UI innovations of their own. To me the Editor itself looks like an undergrad project visually but there's plenty of advanced functionality in terms of hiding/collapsing groups of patch inputs and other little improvements on QC's UI. And a layer palette in the sidebar that allows easy layer reordering (Origami Studio will have that too). Anyhow I thought it might be of interest to Vuo users from a Editor UI perspective. I don't see it as a direct competitor for Vuo at all since Vuo is much more aimed at the live visualist, VFX, 3D coding and innovation space.

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Form by Relative Wave