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I am happy to present you with my first composition: Transient Text Display.

This is composed as an 'Image Generator' in order to make it available to external programs. It builds on Wake up, Neo by Bodysoulspirit, but instead of periodically advancing the text based on time intervals it prints the next character based on incoming transients on the audio stream.


  • 4 text inputs available as published input ports
  • Transient detection has a threshold value (value corresponds to the 'Calculate Loudness' module)
  • Current maximum as published output port
  • Rudimentary scaling / transformation (parameters to 'Make Scaled Layer' available)
  • Includes texts crafted in imitation of angsty teenagers worldwide!


  • 'Wake up Neo' uses 'Align Layer to Window' to get the text nicely left aligned. Unfortunately I am not sure how to get this to work for an 'Image Generator', which does not have a window associated with it. I hope I'm mistaken here and that it's actually trivial to use, so if it is please do let me know. (EDIT: I have tried it and it works, but it seems to be very heavy and I have not found a way to close the extra window).
  • Audio input needs to be resolved manually if you want something other than default.
  • Fonts, or at least font sizing, should be easier to fiddle with. (EDIT: Somewhat mitigated by the addition of 'Scale')
  • Could be made independent of the external transient detection node.
  • Release value (in seconds how long to hold the current maximum before detection resumes) was broken while updating other aspects.
  • Includes texts crafted in imitation of angsty teenagers worldwide!


  • 08.V.016b -- Make note of broken 'Release' functionality, remove the timer and other overhead.
  • 08.V.016a -- Moved from external transient detection subcomponent to inline. Added layer scaling.

Download composition

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