Both Decode Movie Image and Play Movie output data of type Video Frame, which currently includes the image and timestamp.

Add the movie's duration to the Video Frame type. Then add a Get Video Frame Info node to output all 3 data members, along with calculations based on them — like time remaining, normalized time, normalized time remaining.

This would make the movie duration and derived calculations easily and efficiently available, without having to use Get Movie Info.

Inspired by a previous feature request from alexmitchellmus.


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No — available with both Vuo CE and Vuo Pro


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Opened for voting.

alexmitchellmus, for Get Movie Info there's FR Add FPS info in

For progressive/interlaced and color space, maybe create a separate FR? Since Vuo (via FFmpeg / AVFoundation) automatically converts the frame from its stored format to a standard VuoImage format — and the stored format is entirely internal to the Play Movie / Decode Movie Image node, which outputs the VuoImage — it would help if you could give examples of how you'd want to use this info.

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