VDMX5 b8.5.0.7 comes with Vuo 1.1.1. How do I use my Vuo 1.2 compositions in VDMX?


VDMX5 doesn't yet have built

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VDMX5 doesn't yet have built-in support for Vuo 1.2 — they plan to release an updated version soon. In the meantime, you can hack VDMX in order to use Vuo 1.2 compositions with it. Do this at your own risk — and if you encounter problems, please contact Team Vuo (don't bug VIDVOX).

  1. Make sure you have VDMX5 b8.5.0.7 and Vuo Editor 1.2.2 or later. This trick doesn't work with earlier versions.
  2. Make a backup copy of VDMX5.app and Vuo Editor.app.
  3. In Finder, right-click on VDMX5.app and click Show Package Contents.
  4. Navigate through the following folders: Contents > Frameworks > VVVuoKit.framework > Versions > A > Frameworks
  5. Move Vuo.framework to the trash.
  6. Keep that Finder window open, then open another Finder window, right-click on Vuo Editor.app, and click Show Package Contents.
  7. Navigate through the following folders: Contents > Frameworks
  8. Copy Vuo.framework from Vuo Editor.app into VDMX5.app (the same folder you navigated to in step 4). Make sure you copy it (so you leave a copy in both Vuo Editor.app and VDMX5.app).
  9. Open Terminal.app, and type cd followed by space.
  10. Drag the copy of Vuo.framework from VDMX5.app into the Terminal window. It should fill in the path. Press Return.
  11. Paste the following command in Terminal, then press Return: ln -s 1.2.2 Versions/1.1.1 (substitute your Vuo Editor version in place of 1.2.2)
  12. Run VDMX and enjoy.