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I love Find Barcode in Image and have been integrating it into another composition I've been working on however I ran into an, I think, small issue with larger datamatrix codes. I wonder is there currently a size limit for codes it can process? I have a large 4 panel code that it just refuses to scan, it scan all the other fine, however my iPhone datamatrix reader scans it just fine. Any thoughts?

I can email you a picture of the problem barcode but I can't post it here because of privacy concerns.


Yes, it would help a lot if

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Yes, it would help a lot if we could look at the barcode. Please do email it.

There's not intentionally any size limit. Barcode processing is done with an open-source library called ZXing. We'd have to look at why ZXing is having trouble with this barcode, and see if there's something we need to configure differently or if we need to update the library.