I would love to have the ability to change the opacity of a layer; either as a separate node itself or as part of the "Combined Layers" and "Combine Layers with Transform" nodes. If it were a separate node it may make sense to combine transform and opacity feature into a single node and then get rid of the "Combine Layers with Transform" node as it would be more or less redundant.

This new feature would give the ability to dissolve layers completely in and out or partially for more semi-transparent graphics over images and video.


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Opened for voting.

Having an Opacity port on Combine Layers (with Transform) would be good when working with layer groups. Having a separate Change Layer Opacity node would be good in other situations (like Transform Layer / Object). Let's have this feature request cover both.

This feature is very

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This feature is very important to a project I am working on where I need to be able to fade in and out different layers and would really like to not need to change them to images first (lots of extra nodes and there is a real performance hit). Here's hoping it can be a feature soon. :)

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