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Is there a way to draw a line with the mouse and have it be the center of a 3D tube?

I started by wondering if this would be possible using parametric equations with Make Parametric Grid Mesh.

In my googling, I've found related "bent tube" things like sweeping a spline, extruding, torus knots, or making a tunnel in a game.

Regarding proper bends, I guess this means having some way to calculate the tangent from point to point? I can't quite imagine doing bends with parametric equations in Make Parametric Grid Mesh, but this is where I am now. (I also want the radius to be dynamic for "blobby" or "liquid" like drawing, later).

It would be cool if Make Tube (with its walls and caps) could somehow draw along a curve like this. Extrusion tools would also be cool (probably already a FR?). Also, I know khenkel has the Make Mesh with Values node, but that's a couple more degrees away from my current skill set.


If you want a bent tube then

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If you want a bent tube then yes, khenkel's node would be the way to do it currently.

Otherwise in the future, if Vuo gets 3D rigging with bones then you could simply draw the line- then use that as a bone list. (Mind you you would have to then also subdivide the line into the correct amount of bones the object needs- which wouldn't be hard).

But currently for each point on the line you could calculate the tangent- then apply a circular function that draws say 8 points in a circle around that point. The mesh should theoretically just work.

But you may need to do that in a custom node - lots of maths and lists going on which would be easier to grasp in c, than cables.