as I can play compositions in Resolume with inputs like quartz? Thank you




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Something I thought about as well.. could be cool but I have a feeling it would be getting published ports implimented ( i believe that a feature request already here,) as well as Resolume adding support for those ports. Unless it's done with OSC out of resolume which is already supported.

There's a feature request for

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There's a feature request for exporting Vuo compositions to FFGL plugins, which would be able to play in Resolume. It's currently the #2 voted feature request.

Adding native support for Vuo compositions within Resolume — as there already is in CoGe and VDMX — would be up to the Resolume developers. More info: Can I use Vuo compositions inside VJ apps?

As seanradio said, it's currently possible to communicate between Vuo and Resolume using OSC.