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This composition was created by William J Mackwood. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

It demonstrates the 'nature movement' used in "Rallentando, a restoration" project by Out of the Box Productions. You may use any element of it. Note that the leaves and grass move as if in a gentle breeze, the upper right corner clouds evolve, and there are random birds flying through the scene.

It will open with a Display Console Window with this message, simply delete the Display Console Window node after reading.

Note: the 'speed of movement' node is actually stv.MathChangeSpeed node found at the location noted by khenkel below.


Download composition

Package icon Nature Movement by WJMackwood.zip2.65 MB


Rallentando: an installation
on 2016.05.07
at Hub 14, Toronto, ON

Tested with

Vuo version:
OS version:


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