Smooth with Inertia is able to currently process 2D/3D Point, and Real data types.

It would be fantastic to be able to smooth out mesh data types, or object data types, thus allowing simple 3D animation / morphing. (obviously both would need same amount of vertices etc)



Kind of, however 3D object

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Kind of, however 3D object blending would take 2 or more 3D objects and transition between them?

This was more about being able to process mesh data. If 3D object blending will have mesh support then I don't think this is needed as a FR. However I would also like to morph mesh data as well.

A 3D object blending node

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A 3D object blending node would input 2 or more 3D objects and some number indicating the mix or transition amount (e.g. 0 means first object, 1 means second object, 0.5 means halfway between them). It would efficiently work with meshes uploaded to the GPU. The mesh is a part of the 3D object.

Does that address your concern, or if not, can you elaborate on why you'd like to work with meshes specifically instead of 3D objects?

In regard to my first post,

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In regard to my first post, possibly Smooth With Inertia could accept a list of points?

I think that is what I was thinking about at the time. It would be really cool to be able to have different XYZ lists, and then smoothly transition between them, even for non-3D related activities?

Possibly this FR could be renamed if you guys think that its a good idea!

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