Hello, I'm wondering if there is an app which can "play" Vuo compositions with ability to live adjust values for published input ports and monitor values of output ports. It'd be very useful. Something like Viewer app in QC. Cheers, Teo


Maybe you already saw, you

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Maybe you already saw, you can live-adjust published input port values in Vuo Editor by double-clicking on them individually. (It doesn't give you a control panel like QC viewer's input parameters.)

CoGe and VDMX, among much other functionality, would fit your description of an app that plays Vuo compositions. A simple standalone Vuo player could be created with the Vuo SDK.

Related feature request: A UI for storing and editing published input port values in exported apps.

Hey @Teo!

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Hey @Teo!

Remember you can also make a seperate HUD window in Vuo to allow user interaction. 1.3 is also bringing lots of UI nodes so we should be able to easily create UI elements for composition control: eg. Video mixer etc

Apologies if this has been

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Apologies if this has been covered -- is there currently a way to view/edit published port values in an exported app, in a Preferences pane or whatever?

Or regarding HUD, for example, is there a way to display the Make Points Along Line node's Curve and Easing pulldowns within an app?