Having looked into custom shaders, it looks like we can make custom 16 bit nodes. I am wanting to put together a simple UV Pass node that uses a distorted UV map to retexture.

I would like to make a node that is able to process 32 bit Color for use as a UVPass node. In VuoGLPool.cc there is a reference to: GL_RGB32F_ARB. Does this mean I can make somehow a 32 bit shader node?

Would I simply go about this by making a new GLSL node and set the bit depth to 32? Would that work? I know I could set it to 16, (which is now supported by shader toy node), however UVPass retexturing really needs 32 bit in order to not pixelate.

Currently my shader is working great in shader toy, but it does have some visible blocking. (Much better than if 8 bit) but my texture is also very very large (4K).

I know there is a FR for 32 bit support - I just want to know if I can get a custom node working well inside Vuo in 32bit.

I would also like to know if we can read 32bit tiff files (RGB).

EDIT: after re-reading Vuo source I kind of answered my own question, 32 not supported in json or in image type.

Cheers Alex