To be able to drag a node onto a cable, (lets say an Image Type cable) and have the node auto-connect between the two nodes the cable is connected to if type matches.

For example if we had a fetch image connected to a render image window, dragging and dropping a blur image node onto the cable between the two would insert the blur image node between the two, and auto-connect the input and output correctly.

This is just a simple time saving feature.

Alternatively: it could also work if the cable was selected, that simply double clicking the node in the library would auto-insert the node between the two.


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Can I add a suggestion to this feature request? To be able to insert/drop a node not only on a cable but an output port. I constantly find myself wanting a "share" node just after an output, once I've realised how many places it needs to go. It then becomes my live-patching "hub" where I can plug other things in and see the difference.

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Carrying over from… Suggestion to add a menu option to the Right-Click on Cable behaviour: 'Insert Share'

I can see that there might be a desire to put all possible insertable Nodes in a hierarchical menu here, but I'd love to see Insert Share get its own special call out.

In addition having this in the Menubar; Edit>Insert Share and Edit>Insert Node with a keyboard shortcut for Insert Share.

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