Currently Vuo can read images & movies. It would be fantastic to have a node that could load an image sequence as a movie.

Currently we could load an image sequence manually but it would be great to have a dedicated node.


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No — available with both Vuo CE and Vuo Pro


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Here you go, this is the

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Here you go, this is the fumbly version, just place it in you user modules folder and have a go. It will load 1280 x 720px png files up to about 30fps. It is possible to make a non-fumbly version as well, with a fetch list of images node, but it seems like it doesn't take very well to be handed large amounts of relatively large files.


Folder: Path to folder, just drag & drop the folder. Prefix: Filename before numbering, if the file is called yourimage_001.jpg you would enter yourimage_ here. Numbering Digits: How many digits there is in the numbering, for yourimage_001.jpg it would be 3, for yourimage_0001.jpg it would be 4. From image: The image you want to start the loop from. To image: Last image in the loop. FPS: Frames per second, probably varying with hardware, but tested it on my mid 2014 mbp, and it came out to a bit over 30fps for 1280 x 720px images. Filetype: png, jpg, tiff...

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