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A serial interface would be very critical for working with physical computing projects (using Arduino and other serial devices). That is one of the main features I use in any programming environment, and want to be able to work with serial devices in Vuo.

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Proposed Serial I/O nodes


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No — available with both Vuo CE and Vuo Pro

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Proposed Serial I/O nodes:

The proposed Receive Serial Data node fires an event when a new block of data is available. The data block can be converted to text or other Vuo types. Double-clicking the proposed configuration port allows setting the serial configuration (baud rate, data bits, parity, stop bits).

The proposed Send Serial Data node outputs data to the specified serial port when it receives an event.

We also plan to provide a node to list all available serial devices, so your composition can easily select one from a list, or filter by name.


@pbourke: Some commonly-used

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Paul: Some commonly-used devices (such as Arduino) use the serial UART/RS232 protocol encapsulated in USB. On Mac, these USB-serial devices show up as /dev/tty* devices, which we plan to support with this node set. (No old-school DB9 ports necessary. :^] )

However apparently it's possible to replace the Arduino's firmware so it shows up as a USB HID.

mnstri, is Arduino-via-USB-HID an option for you, or do you specifically need serial support? (I recall from fighting issues with the Kineme Serial patch that the FTDI serial drivers Arduino needs were pretty flaky, resulting in frequent kernel panics. Perhaps we can avoid that and use USB HID, whose Mac drivers are much more reliable…)

USB-HID is not an option. HID

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USB-HID is not an option. HID is useful for many things, but serial is a MUST for any creative coding environment that I use. If Vuo is never going to support it, I can't seriously use it for my work. HID should be added also, but it is not able to replace serial completely.

Some of the never Arduinos support HID also out of the box, but it's not so great for receiving data that is not suitable for the HID format. I also need to send data to the Arduino, not just read from it.

It is available in every other environment and works just fine. Pure Data, Max, Processing, Cinder, openFrameworks, VVVV... And it is not obsolete by any means. The Arduino community is huge.

There is also a serial plugin for QC that doesn't have the problems with FTDI driver like the Kineme one.

Direct link to the serial

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Direct link to the serial wrapper

Also something that I really liked about the Kineme serial plugin is the ability to define the break string. This should be in the Vuo implementation also.

And the FTDI stuff is not such a huge issue anymore with Arduino since most of the boards don't use FTDI anymore. But support for FTDI would be crucial for a ton of other serial devices.

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