From Jaymie's comment on Audio visualizer with Image Generator protocol it seems the Decode Audio Framehas not been suggested yet ?

We have :

  • Enable composition's "Start Recording" menu item to record audio
  • In File > Export > Movie, support exporting movies with audio
  • Extend "Decode Movie Image" to also output audio

But no Decode Audio Frame if I'm right ?
So if I understand the Feature the right way, it would allow to use audio as a timestamp for Time ports ?



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This feature request would

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This feature request would make it possible to input audio from a file during movie export (offline rendering). Similar to how Vuo has a Play Movie node and a Decode Movie Image node, with Decode Movie Image being the one to use for offline rendering, this feature request would add a Decode Audio node to complement the Play Audio File node.

Opened for voting.

@Jaymie ah ok. I thought it

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Jaymie ah ok. I thought it would allow me to use audio, for exemple Receive Live Audio and use its "time frame" on other nodes with time input ports so that the composition would play at that rate and would allow me to use the Save Movie node to record both the audio and the visual.

I already somehow managed to go somewhere, both the audio and the visual where recorded but there where some gaps in the audio and some faints.

Perhaps because my GPU can't handle it.

Is there already a way to use the rate of audio (+- 90 FPS), convert that rate to a time input and use it render the composition ? I know my screen renders at around 60 FPS, but for Save Movie ?
I may perhaps have overseen an easy method !?

It sounds like you're wanting

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It sounds like you're wanting the ability for Save to Movie to base its time on the timestamps of the video/audio passed in instead of operating in realtime. We've already started working on that, so no need to create a separate feature request.


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