A node that combines multiple Shaders. Would have multiple transfer modes to achieve different looks.


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No — available with both Vuo CE and Vuo Pro


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Opened for voting.

Until this feature is implemented, you could achieve the effect of applying multiple shaders to a 3D object by rendering multiple copies of the object, each with a different shader. You'd need to offset each copy a slightly different amount away from the camera to avoid artifacts from inexact floating-point calculations ("z-fighting"). You could use the Change 3D Object Blending node to change how the shaders are composited.

This feature would conveniently wrap the functionality into a single node.

Feature status

When we (Team Vuo) plan each release, we try to implement as many of the community's top-voted feature requests as we have time for. Vote your favorite features to the top! (How do Vuo feature requests work?)

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