How severely does this bug affect you?: 

●●●○ — It prevents me from completing a specific task with Vuo.

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

  1. Send an OSC message with an OSC string as content to a vuo composition
  2. The "Receive OSC Messages" node displays the message including the content
  3. The "Get Message Values" node displays the value to be 0 instead of the sent string

I have tested two different apps Vezér and OSCTestApp for sending the string.



Binary Data osc-string-not-working.vuo877 bytes


@manuel_mitasch, in your

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Not a bug

manuelmitasch, in your composition, the Get Message Values node's Data 1 port has data type Real (shown in the port popover). "Real" is short for "real number". If you were receiving OSC data of type float, then Real would be the correct type. However, you're receiving OSC data of type string, which means that you have change the Data 1 port to the Text data type. Right-click on it and choose "Revert to Generic Data Type", then right-click again and choose "Set Data Type > Text".

Hm, the documentation for the Get Message Values node doesn't explain that. I'll put in a reminder to us (Team Vuo) to improve the documentation.