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I need to send a client a working exported app that is watermarked, but when the watermark is an image bundled in the package contents it can be easily removed. Is there any way around this?



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Some options...

  • Obscure the watermark file:
    • Rename the image so it begins with a dot and/or give it the hidden attribute chflags hidden.
  • Eliminate the watermark file:
    • Build the watermark at runtime using text + shape layers, or GLSL.
    • Retrieve the image by downloading it from a website (though the user could get around it by turning off network access).
    • Convert the image to text (generate a grid of points, sample the color for each point and append it to a text string), then in the composition you distribute, paste that text string in and rebuild the image from it.
    • Vuo could add support for the data: URI protocol in the Fetch Image node, so the image would be encoded in the input port value. (Not yet implemented — feature request would be 1-dot complexity.)
  • Prevent tampering:
    • Vuo could add support for signing exported apps, including their resources, and refuse to launch if the signature is invalid. (Not yet implemented — feature request would be 2-dot complexity.)