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Just saw the new Save Movie Sample Composition that comes with Vuo 1.2.4, seems to work great !

However I'm having some troubles adapting it to a composition I shared in the composition gallery today.
I'm joining the modified composition, if you ever can take a look and help me.

I've noticed that :

  • When I output the image ONLY to the Save Movie image port (and not to a Render Image to Window beside it) it records the sound for some seconds but then stops.

  • When I output the image BOTH to Save movie + Render to Image I got NO sound recording.

  • When I hit finalize, it doesn't finalize but keeps on recording, it only finalizes when I stop the composition.

I tried leaving both the Timestamp port from Make Video Frame to automatic or tried using "Requested Frame", seems to behave the same.
Should I be using the Time Frame for all time ports in the composition ? (like curves etc) ?




Scheduled for work. Thanks

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Scheduled for work. Thanks for reporting, Bodysoulspirit.

For the 3rd issue — When you say you hit finalize, do you mean that you fire an event into the Finalize port? Maybe what's happening is that Finalize does finalize the movie, but because the composition is continuing to feed events into the Save Video Frame and Save Audio Frame ports, the movie file that you just finalized is immediately overwritten with a new one. To preserve the finalized movie file, you could change Overwrite URL to false.