A node has been selected in a composition. Here's an image that includes two cables connected to the selected node. Can you distinguish the two cables from the rest? How about at a glance?

I have a particularly busy composition and I'm understandably finding it difficult to tell which cables are connected to which nodes. I'm spending a lot of time tinting and un-tinting nodes, as well as moving them around, just to highlight where they send, and from where they receive, events and data. I really think this is an area where the editor can be better.

Right now, selected cables are darker than unselected cables. Cables connected to a selected node are less dark, but still darker than cables that are just hanging about. With regard to how to make a highlight or selection more obvious, I can only suggest something like a prominent shadow, to make it pop out of the otherwise 2D canvas design. (Modifying the thickness would obscure the distinction between data+event and event-only cables, and brightness/colour modification is already implemented and isn't optimal on its own. I'm not sure what else to suggest.)


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