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It seems to me that if one can convert something to text (in the way that a 2D Point converts to text, not how an image does), one ought to be able to convert it back after.


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The existing anything-to-Text type converter, Summarize Value, outputs data in a format that is human-readable (in fact, the same as the description in port popovers) but not necessarily straightforward to convert from Text back to the original type.

For this feature request, we could provide a Convert Value to Text node that outputs the value in JSON format and a Convert Text to Value node that inputs a value of the same format or certain other type-specific formats.

For example, an Integer or Real would be just the number (99). A Color could have one of several formats including {"r":0.5, "g":1, "b":0, "a":1} and 0.5, 1, 0, 1 and #7fff00.


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This would be good for debugging/newbie learning the more complex data types in Vuo. If I could see the contents of Make 3D… nodes and Mesh nodes I think it would help me to learn Vuo more quickly.

Also allow hack editing of values if they can convert back to original data-type.

I really like this concept, I thought data-types in Vuo would be a bit more transparent than I find them.

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