As mentionned by JérômeLanon here at Make CMYK Color

This FR would be either / or

a - A basic support for a generic CMYK printing like gamut, perhaps as an option on the node to select either the full (1-C)*(1-K) conversion or a generic printing gamut profile.

b - A wider option somehow to select a color profile installed on the computer or use an embedded profile.




Oh man is colour space a

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Oh man is colour space a complicated topic. Read Real World Colour Management (recommended) twice and struggled to explain to others who problems I needed to solve even when I did get much of it myself (now half forgotten). The conversions through multiple spaces and Applications invoking in different ways gets very tricky, but necessary to understand and use sometime, especially in print and proofing work.

Hey @Jaymie ;)

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Hey @Jaymie ;)

Take your very time, printing and CMYK is not the primary use for Vuo, talking for me only, I have no problem at all if it takes more then a year only to validate and open for voting this feature request ;)

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