I realize not all of the "Chosen to be Implemented" features have an exact schedule for which release they will arrive in but I was wondering once you know for sure which features are coming in the next release could they be added to a "Coming Soon..." or "Coming in Next Release" section under the Released tab? We're alway happy with surprise features being snuck in too but I often find myself scouring the Feature Request list to see if there is a solution coming solve a problem I'm running into. Then if it's not there I know I need to go vote on something. :)


Yes the "Chosen to be

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Yes the "Chosen to be implemented" Status is great and appreciated information!

I was thinking though that some of those features are much longer term projects and that a short list just to identify which of those items are planned for the next immediate release would be helpful, both for current users and potential users. I understand that sometimes it may not be clear whether a feature will be ready in time for an upcoming release but that the list just shows the features that are pretty much a sure thing. I'm sure everyone still like the occasional surprise slipped into the next releases too. :)