Would it be possible to add phase and period controls to the gradient image generators to make repeating and animated patterns? For example, give a Make Linear Gradient Image 3 colours but then give it a small period to repeat the 3 colours over and over. Phase would then let you animate the gradient over time with options similar to the Change Wrap Mode node such as mirror, hold, repeat etc. It would also be great to have interpolation method control between the colours in order to make hard steps.


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Adding ports to control phase

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Waiting for review by Team Vuo
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Adding ports to control phase, wrap mode, and sharpness sounds good. Opened for voting.

You can already make repeating colors with the Copy List Item Groups nodes (a more general-purpose solution). Just feed that into the gradient node's Colors port.

As a workaround until this feature request is voted up, you can increase sharpness by putting the same color several times consecutively in the list (as in the attached composition). Or if you happen to be working with just 2 colors, you can use the Make Stripe Image node.

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