Often I use the port popup (click one port) to get information, for example a path or some text etc.

Problem is the preview often is too short and I end up using a Console Window :(

Could it not just be but scrollable ? Like preview 3 lines instead of one and scroll the rest if more ?

For example here below if the url was way larger I could horizontal scroll it, if it had several lines (tree) I could vertical scroll it :

I know there are also these yellow notepad like popups that sometimes come up (haven't understand when they do and when they not) and that display more info already, which is great, but a longer one could still require scroll.

Plus A - I think the port popup looks better then the yellow pad and B - we have port popups + yellow popups = 2 popups. And C - The port popups can be floated which can be great too sometimes.

Of course I assume popovers are rendered only when opened so I guess that would not affect the editor performance.



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Yes scrollable and also

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Yes scrollable and also condense the info in less verbose and white-space hungry way if at all possible without losing important info. I'm think here of layer lists. I don't need all the details just to recognise which elements are where in a list, i.e. has the previous node done what it was supposed to.

Also let me move the

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Also let me move the composition window without the popups following it for position. Say, Spacebar Key + Drag by titlebar.

I'm wondering if value printouts could be more like notes and less like floating palettes too, i.e. more discrete and can work them into the composition layout. If scrollable they can be smaller too.

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