I'm trying to make a basic colour picker ui and am trying to use the "sample color from image" node. I've seen the example for this node but my colours will be on a layer, so i think I need to use "receive mouse drags on layer"... but I can't get my head around the coordinates not lining up. Has anyone got any tips?


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Thanks Bodysoulspirit the problem was in the drags on layer node, it was acting correctly but I wasn't interpreting the description properly, "However, the output of this node would be the center of the un-scaled and un-rotated layer." This means that as soon as a layer is selected, the node ouputs the center of the layer, offset from where you click, so as not to make the selected layer jump to your click. I solved this with a chain of other operators. When the UI nodes become available, I'd imagine it will become handy to have a node that doesn't behave this way.